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Cycle-a-Thon at McLean S&H

Members are asked to please register for one and/or two and/or three hours of cycle; classes at 8:30/9:45/11 AM on 26 February . Each class is one hour long for all levels of cyclists. Please arrive early to secure your registered bike.

The suggested minimum donation for each hour is $25/hour but this is optional. Members can certainly ride for free as long as they are registered for one (or more) of the three classes.  

Guidance on sign up: When you choose a bike for a particular time, you should click on the word "take." When the drop down appears, it will ask you for your name, email address and phone number. It will also ask you for "what you will bring." For that field, please put in the amount of your donation for that hour ...and the amount can be $0.00 if you would like to ride without donating.

Final Note: All proceeds from this event go DIRECTLY to the children supported by BTA school feeding programs in Sierra Leone. There are no administrative costs and your donation will provide nourishment to children who might otherwise east.

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