Volunteer Opportunities



With Venture Sierra Leone, you will strategically partner with A Brighter Tomorrow for Africa (BTA) to make a true difference in the lives of thousands. Individuals and/or groups of any size may travel to Sierra Leone, West Africa to meet the children in our school feeding programs and those in orphaned care as well as work with the adults who are part of these programs.  The concept is for you to go and participate in projects to whatever degree you would like. 

The amount of time you would stay is your decision however, it is recommended that you stay for a minimum of two weeks.


There are two ways to participate with Venture Sierra Leone:

Option A—As Part of a Team

  • You can start your own Venture Team by applying to serve as a Team Leader and gathering a group of people from your church and/or community to form a Venture Team to provide in-country support to BTA.
  • You can also consider joining a BTA Venture Team as a Team Member on a scheduled trip with an existing BTA team.  BTA will let you know when teams are assembled and we can connect you with a Team Leader to consider your application and help you prepare for the trip. As a Team Member, you are responsible for interacting with your Team Leader to receive training materials, and you are required to attend scheduled team meetings.

See list of specific Opportunities/Responsibilities below.

Option B—On Your Own and/or With a Friend

 If you are interested in traveling on your own (or with a friend) to volunteer for BTA, rather than as part of a team, that is very possible!  Just let us know and we can match you with one of the opportunities/responsibilities shown below.


There are many needs in Sierra Leone—a great number of which you can easily address by volunteering through BTA.  There are six possibilities and the length of stay depends on your goals/interests.

Staff training, sports and fitness training, youth ministry, children’s ministry, and more.

Participate in an education team or project that equips and empowers children to become the leaders of tomorrow.  Take part in training and mentoring of local teachers, provide curriculum, and teach strategies and techniques that will strengthen and improve education practices for the children and their educators.

Provide medical care, dental care, trauma counseling, and/or health education to children and adults, imparting healthy habits, proper hygiene techniques, and positive lifestyle choices that will aid in the progress of overcoming the cycle of poverty and disease and can be passed on for generations to come. Medical intervention in Sierra Leone's post Ebola recovery is of necessity. Help review current medical conditions among those who are part of/identified by our program.

Work on a construction project that allows BTA to provide safe and reliable children’s homes, medical clinics, schools, community centers, and other facilities.  Whether you’re a professional in a construction field or you just have a little experience, you can take part in building and maintaining structures that will improve the children’s quality of life in the programs we support.

Learn about our in-country programs firsthand and experience how BTA is working with community based organizations to improve the health and spirit of women and children. Meet BTA supported programs and ask questions with the intention of discovering how you can partner with BTA in our mission.

Participate in a team project that focuses on providing sustainable development initiatives like clean water, agriculture, renewable/solar energy, or micro-enterprise opportunities. Transformation of a child's life and a country must include giving communities the tools and resources that allow them to thrive in the long term.



BTA’s Venture Sierra Leone was established to expose participants to the BTA mission as they utilize their skills, resources, and relationships to accomplish the vision of improving the lives of women and children.

BTA Venture Sierra Leone offers you the opportunity to interact with the children BTA supports in our programs whom you have heard about.  You will meet the in-country staff who are faithfully raising these children, and you will become part of a global movement of people who are committed to partnering with these staff members.

In doing so, we seek to ensure that these children are given the opportunities necessary to enable them to be transformed and, in turn improve the lives of women and children in each community program we support.

Our wish is that our children become your children and their needs become your needs. True transformation requires a movement of people.